Mike Pilavachi Faces Possible Ban From Working with Children

Mike Pilavachi Faces Possible Ban From Working with Children: Following the findings of a national safeguarding investigation that revealed that Mike Pilavachi, the founder and former leader of Soul Survivor Watford had engaged in “inappropriate relationships, the physical wrestling of youths and massaging of young male interns” he has been referred to the Home Office’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

A September 25 news release from Premier Christian News disclosed that the Church of England has made a referral asking that Pilavachi be taken into consideration for DBS Barred Lists. The referral was made in accordance with the safeguarding recommendation provided by the House of Bishops.

The DBS Barred Lists – one that covers children and one that covers adults – prohibit named individuals from working, applying to work, or volunteering, in regulated activity with vulnerable groups.

“Regulated activity providers and personnel suppliers have a legal duty to refer to DBS when “they have dismissed, removed or would have removed (had they not left) an employee or volunteer working in regulated activity, following harm to a child/vulnerable adult, or where there is a risk of harm,” a statement on the DBS website reads.

Once a person satisfies the harm test which is conducted after DBS conditions have been met, such person will be “subject to the consideration of representations where permitted, be barred from working in regulated activity with children and/or vulnerable adults.”

The DBS will consider whether to include Pilavachi on one, both, or neither of the lost as part of a five-stage evaluation procedure.

Pilavachi resigned from his position as associate pastor of his church in July following the abuse allegation. In a statement posted to his Instagram announcing his resignation he wrote:

“I have today resigned as associate pastor of Soul Survivor Watford. I have taken this step because the Church needs to heal and I have realized that my continued presence will hinder that process.” He continued, I seek forgiveness from any whom I have hurt during the course of my ministry. I have, on advice, made no comment on the allegations and will not make any further public comment, as I do not believe it would be good for anyone if I took part in a trial by media or social media.”




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