Miracle still happen – Andrew Wommack, Sharing healing testament

Miracle still happen Andrew Wommack states, as he shares a healing testimony of a man whose name was disclosed to be Richard

The founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College has shared the healing testimony of a man identified as Richard. In an Instagram statement, Wommack revealed that  Richard was a high-income profane model and actor. He went on to disclose that Richard’s life changed when he met his wife Jacqueline. He reportedly turned a renowned Christian.

“Richard had a lucrative career as a model and an actor, but it came with a price. When he met his wife, Jacqueline, everything changed. Richard started to attend church with her, and after receiving Jesus, he quit his unholy lifestyle to pursue the life God had for him” He wrote.

Wommack went on to make known that Richard later experienced a health challenge. He was confirmed with Spina bifida and atrial fibrillation which proved incurable. Regardless, after receiving prayers for healing at Andrew Wommack’s conference, Wommack made known that Richard regained his health.

“Then, Richard’s body began manifesting some terrifying symptoms. After being diagnosed with spina bifida and atrial fibrillation, he was told to accept it as God’s will. But then he attended Andrew’s conference and received prayers for healing. Now, his doctors have given Richard a clean health bill”. Wommack wrote.

Andrew Wommack Ministries is an establishment whose mission is to set people free from sickness and pain. The ministry extends through radio and television through which Andrew Wommack reaches millions of people across the world. There are several recorded miracles encountered in the ministry, among which include the recent healing of a young boy.

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