See The Miracles That Happened During AMI’s Miracle Healing Service

See The Miracles That Happened During AMI Miracle Healing Service

He is just a 20 year old boy but faith healed him. With believe in God and strong faith, the impossible becomes easy. This 20 year old boy has an INCREDIBLE testimony of FAITH. He lives in Maputo Mozambique and watches all our services online. He asked his father to bring him to South Africa, to Alleluia Ministries International for that is where he would find his healing. What great faith from someone so young. He attended one of our counselling and deliverance sessions and went to get tested the very next day! He is HIV Negative. He is HIV FREE. Check him again, ask the doctors again if you will – he is HEALED! Oh God thank You for Your loving kindness. Thank You Jehovah Rapha!


This man was brought to AMI 7 days ago as he was suffering from kidney failure. He could not walk, he could not move and lay slumped in his seat. But LOOK AT WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE! He went back to the same doctors that diagnosed him with kidney failure and they have declared him FREE from all sickness and pain. He can walk, he can run and today he is here to give his TESTIMONY! THANK YOU JESUS! May you tap into this grace, may God deliver you from every curse of sickness in the name of Jesus!

God led Pastor Alph Lukau to pray and deliver this woman from the cancer that has ravaged her body. She has traveled to many countries and has paid many doctors including medical practitioners in India seeking her healing. She has undergone 20 chemotherapy sessions in vain. Wait and see her testimony. What doctors could not do for you, what chemotherapy could not do for you, God can do for you. I command cancer to dry up, I command HIV to leave you, I command every infirmity to leave. Declare I am HEALED in the name of Jesus!

Jesus Christ Heals CANCER!
This beautiful young woman had breast cancer and testified that she attended our 1st Friday Healing Service just 7 days ago. As the power of God descended in the house she truly BELIEVED that God had healed her completely. She went back to hospital for ANOTHER test and doctors have confirmed that she is CANCER FREE! Not only is she cancer FREE, the lump on her breast has DISAPPEARED!

This is the work of Jehovah Rapha, the Lord your healer. Cancer is not God, it will not kill you. Give Jesus PRAISE! As you praise God for her testimony may He give YOU A TESTIMONY!

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