Nick Vujicic Podcast – The Prison of Fear – October 17 2020

Nick Vujicic Podcast - The Prison of Fear

Pastor Nick Vujicic has delivered this Podcast “The Prison of Fear” which we are bringing to you today October 17 2020 to listen to and meditate on. The husband of Kanae Vujicic and a well known Televangelist herein teaches that one of the most debilitating conditions to live with is fear, and sometimes it seems impossible to escape it. He herein exposes the realities of what scares us and how to engage them.

Revealing his love for cars, the pastor once wrote on Instagram:

“When in Dubai…. just sitting in one of my favorites was nice. No I’m not materialistic but I do like nice cars 😁 No I didn’t buy one or scratch any either 🙈 if I’m ever though in a movie with a self driving car in it… can’t go wrong with an Aston Martin Vanquish. Yes I’m a James Bond fan too ”

Watch and learn from this podcast by Nick Vujicic – The Prison of Fear – this October 17 2020 as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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