One-Day Entrepreneur Event Coming up – Bishop T.D Jakes

One-Day Entrepreneur Event Coming up – Bishop T.D Jakes

One-day entrepreneur event coming up, Bishop T.D Jakes, author filmmaker, and the bishop of The Potters House announced on his Instagram page: T.D Jakes, the Bishop of  The Potters House, a nondenominational megachurch in America revealed through his Instagram page that a one-day entrepreneur event would be coming up soon.

In the post, he made mention of how the wheel at The Potter’s House had been helping him in fulfilling his vision of assisting faith-based business owners to succeed. He added that the wheel at TPH had not only used the Potter’s House curriculum in bringing economic growth but also in bringing “Jesus to the marketplace”.

Bishop Jakes went further to appreciate Mike Philips Official and  Joel Tudjman for their various contributions. He gushed over being proud of his team. Furthermore, he divulged that the notice was in preparation for the upcoming one-day entrepreneur event. Sharing a link, through which one would get details about the event. In conclusion, he dropped  the bible portion Revelation 11:15

He wrote ” @thewheelattph is helping me fulfill my vision of helping faith-based business owners explore and explode, by using our curriculum to bring economic viability, upward mobility, and bring Jesus to the marketplace. Thank you @mikepilipsofficial for sharing with our young adults! This is a warmup for our one-day entrepreneur event! go to and click on Good Soil for more information. Sooo proud of our team! Thanks @joeltudman for your leadership….”

Following his post, the individual he had recognized their contributions, extended their pleasantries in the comment sections.

Aside from being the bishop of The Potters’ house, author and filmmaker, T.D Jakes is also into Real Estate Organization.

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