Pastor Alph Lukau’s MESSAGE & PRAYER for SEPTEMBER 2018


Alph Lukau Message

Pastor Alph Lukau’s MESSAGE & PRAYER for SEPTEMBER 2018

Alph Lukau Message

Welcome to the 9th month of the year. September is your month of manifestation. God said we are entering into a zone where we have to trigger the manifestation through our Prophetic Offering of Manifestation. God said “whatever I have given My sons and daughter will manifest.”

Before 2019 begins, whatever has been promised to you by God will manifest in the name of Jesus! You kept waiting for it year after year. This is the last time you will ever have to wait again! There will be no further postponement of your blessing. Whatever has been in you for very long shall manifest. So shall it be. It cannot be otherwise.

What shall I say unto the Lord? ALL I have to say is Thank You Lord! This Sunday was a Miracle Fiesta! The Spirit of God moved and lifted men and women who were medically bound in wheelchairs for life. Their medical reports proved that their bodies had been deformed in such a way that made it impossible to walk again, but there is NOTHING impossible to our God. We saw them walking and leaping and praising God! I speak to your difficulty, I command freedom in your body – In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!

Obeying Prophetic Instructions (2 Kings 13:14-19)

The presence of a prophet of God in your life is a sign of remembrance. (God has remembered you and your generation)
You cannot have a true prophet and fall in the battlefield!
Some of your battles are not necessary. Israel lost in the battlefield yet they had a prophet who had a double portion of the anointing of his spiritual father.

What causes men/women under the anointing of a great prophet to fail is disobedience! Elisha told the king to “shoot” the arrow and he shot! If you do not allow your heart to be led by the one God has appointed for you, you will keep on falling in the battlefield!

A prophetic instruction may not make sense to you BUT do it! Until your matter is dealt with from the roots it will keep on coming back! The outcome always depends on what YOU DO. If an instruction is given, that’s all you need for your next level. Never take a given prophetic instruction casually!

I stand as a prophet anointed by God over your life. The enemy will not win over you. As you align with the will and the Word of God your victory is guaranteed.
May every enemy of your destiny fall before you in the name of Jesus Christ!

NB – Say all prayers with Faith

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