Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer & Declaration For The New Month


Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer & Declaration For The New Month

Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer – Lord in this new month, I dedicate my life to You. Father, take my will – make it submissive to Your will. I want to love what You love and hate what You hate. I want to go where You want me to go and be who You have called me to be. So shall it be in my life.

Pray, speak to God before you sleep. Plead the blood of Jesus over your life, over your family and over your dreams. Your sleep is blessed in the name of Jesus.

I decree and I declare: EVERYTHING that the devil stole in the natural realm or in the spiritual realm from your life, I declare that he will return it 7 fold. For 7 days we will be in the presence of God. Make a way to be present.

Starting TODAY we pray and call it back, whatever he stole from you call it back!

The devil is a liar, do not allow anyone to tell you that the Prophetic is not of God. God saves lives through the Prophetic and through His Prophets. We do not serve a god of wood. We serve the Great I Am of Israel. Jehovah is His name. Our God SPEAKS. Last Sunday the Lord delivered the lives of these men and women whose lives were under the clutches of satan.

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer says that you cannot have a Prophet of God in your life and fall. I decree and I declare; may every witch operating in your life fall. May every family spirit fall, every generation curse fall, may every wicked friend fall, may every arrow shot by evil doers fall. May every Word from God come to pass in your life.

God is bringing you in the culture of always winning

Whatever the enemy throws on a Monday, on a Tuesday, on a Wednesday, on a Thursday, on a Friday, on a Saturday or on a Sunday;

YOU will emerge VICTORIOUS. You are not alone.
From this day wherever you go, you will WIN. You shall have VICTORY in the name of Jesus.


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    • Ich bin 22 Jahre in proplem .mam mein Exman agant von Satan .ich und mein 3 Kinder leben in proplem. And Satan will mein tochter Ester nehmen .aber er hat kein chanc.ich bete und Ester 22 Jahre.old .wir haben viel und viel .wir brauchen eure Gebet. Ich bin aus Israel .wir leben in Germany.

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