Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer For You Today

Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer For You Today

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer For You Today

Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer For You Today

I am praying for 3 things in your life. I am praying because He (God) said PRAY and I will answer you.


I pray that God may give you supernatural wisdom. You will know where to go and how to go. You will come out of every battle victorious. The supernatural wisdom of God made Solomon the Solomon you know.
Today God is making you an eagle and your enemies mosquitoes.


Your point of distinction is power. Power makes you STAND OUT. Power will cause your enemies to go on their knees. Lord give me power.
Life without power is insignificant. You cannot have spiritual impact without it. If your theology moves you away from the power of God – it is futile. You have the call without the encounter.
Title without power is insignificant.

When the power of God comes that problem will leave.
There are people whose harvest has been stolen. Its coming back
The stolen harvest is coming back in the name of Jesus.

3. Wealth

You shall be broke no more.
Wealth is coming your way. It will be deposited on you today.
The very wealth of the wicked shall be layed down for the righteous. There is a shift taking place, the wealth of the wicked is finding its way to you.


From this day forward you will no longer move in the natural, you will move in the supernatural.

You will see an increase in glory and power from the east and the west, from the north and the south.

May you receive WISDOM, POWER and WEALTH. So shall it be!

Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau

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