Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service August 1 2021

This is the Sunday live service by Pastor Alph Lukau for August 1 2021 at Alleluia Ministries International which will be filled with praise, worship and a powerful sermon. Alph Lukau who is the senior pastor and founder of Alleluia Ministries International and a well known Bible Teacher has also helped the lives of many people in and around South Africa, United States of America and Congo through his teachings and way of life.

Motivating everyone on Instagram, Alph Lukau wrote:

“Something about you has been scaring the Devil and his demons, Hence you the battles you are facing. Be undeterred and resilient. Your born for different stuff”

Watch and learn from this “Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service August 1 2021” as we bring the latest Sunday services from Churches across the globe to you.

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