Pastor Alph Lukau’s Declaration For The Day


Pastor Alph Lukau's Declaration For The Day
Pastor Alph Lukau's Declaration For The Day

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Declaration For The Day goes thus: Is there anything too hard for Jehovah Rapha to do?

Every devil operating in your life I command it to leave NOW in the name of Jesus!

What do you do when the enemy seems to win? What do you do when heaven seems not to respond?
What do you do when the devil seems to win over you.

BELIEVE God – DON’T GIVE UP (Acts 16:25-31)
I decree and I DECLARE; God is taking you out of your struggle.
Every door that was closed is opening up now!

After thr RAPHA SERVICE was held, the prophet took to social media to write:

“Jehovah Rapha is His name. Today was a day of undiluted POWER. Look at this! Men and women who were bound in wheelchairs and walking aids sprung up and began to WALK. The blind can see and the deaf can hear! This is the will and the love of Jehovah Rapha! I decree and I declare; your healing and deliverance are permanent. You will struggle no more, you will suffer no more. Receive the healing power of Jehovah Rapha. May your life never be the same again.”

Credit – Alph Lukau

Picture Credit – Alph Lukau

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  1. Pastor Lukau. I believe are a true man of God. I saw lots about you in your TV proggrammes do preaching and performing miracles. Iam convinced you’re a prophet for this generation who God uses you to do what he actually wants you to do for this generation.mighty man of God as you can see me now how much aim needing you now.if i have, i can fly over to you to deal with all my problems.i mess up my life,now aim sick psychically,spiritually and financially.Mighty man of God, if you like,i kindly beg for health,finance,spiritual and psychical restoration.Mighty man of God beg you with my heart as i believe with all my heart that are true man of God Thank you.

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