Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer and Declaration Today


The World Is Not Ours...

Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer and Declaration Today

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Prayer and Declaration Today

Pastor Alph Lukau's Prayer and Declaration Today

“In this new season; you shall be the head and never the tail. You shall be above only and never beneath.
I proclaim a pioneering anointing over your life, you shall be the pioneer of a new level.
I decree and I declare; whatever did not work before, count 7 days it shall begin to manifest. Who am I speaking to?”

Jesus Christ is the SAME, yesterday, today and forever. What He did over 2000 years ago, He is still doing today. This young woman (in the picture above) was brought to AMI in an ambulance. Her family said she is the family’s bread winner but has been struck with kidney failure and TB that has caused her to remain in bed and fail to go to work and support her family as she used to.

Jesus Christ STILL HEALS today, NOTHING is impossible with Him. The church of God prayed and established the perfect will of God in her life, look at her walking and leaping and praising God. This is the power of Jehovah Rapha. May God turnaround every impossible situation in your life in the name of Jesus!


Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau

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The World Is Not Ours ...


  1. AMEN , I RECEIVE IT in the Name of JESUS, indeed JESUS is the one heals always, thank you lord for bringing our powerful moses in our lives today, may your Name be Glorified for ever and ever, we love you Jesus, my family is receiving the healing also in Jesus Name

  2. Glory to u mypapa day are day you give us food of life through ur teaching prayers preaching and many things we thank u papa. Keep it up mypapa.

  3. I need prayer for my home my family my husband that has been bound by is baby mother for him to hate me I pray he will love me again and put back my name and our daughter name in his insurance amen.

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