Pastor David Jeremiah Sunday Sermon May 16 2021

Pastor David Jeremiah Sunday Sermon May 16 2021

This is the Sunday sermon by Pastor David Jeremiah for May 16 2021 and it is a sermon you will want to listen to. The senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the husband of Donna Jeremiah has transformed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through his sermons and way of life.

Teaching that Joy Comes in the morning, Pastor David Jeremiah wrote on Instagram:

“We sometimes lie in bed at night, surrounded by darkness, longing for sleep, but consumed with our thoughts and questions. The psalmists, especially David, were candidly honest about their literal and spiritual dark nights. David made good use of his sleepless nights, crying out to God for relief and answers (Psalm 22:2; 42:8). And he relied on the natural order of things to remind him that “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5).

If you are in the midst of your own dark night, use the time wisely. If there are tears, let them water the words you pour out to God, remembering that joy comes in the morning.”

Watch and learn from this ‘Pastor David Jeremiah Sunday Sermon May 16 2021’ as we bring the latest sermons from Pastor David Jeremiah to you every Sunday.

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