Pastor Dharius Daniels: Faith After Failure – Faith University Part. 8

Pastor Dharius Daniels: Faith After Failure - Faith University

Pastor Dharius Daniels shares this sermon titled “Faith After Failure” which is a part of his “Faith University” series. The senior pastor and founder of Change Church who is a well known Bible Teacher has transformed many lives through his teachings and way of life. Herein he read a few verses of the scripture found in the Gospel of John; the good news about Jesus from John’s perspective john chapter 21.

He said he can make very few guarantees in this life but there is one he feels very adamant about articulating and very safe in suggesting; there is one aspect of our existence that every single individual who is watching and listening to this message will ultimately and inevitably experience “failure”. He said failure can be defined as a situation or an occurrence in which something does not work out as it should.

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Dharius Daniels: “Faith After Failure” delivered at Part 8 of “Faith University” series as we bring the latest sermons from Change Church to you.

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