Pastor Dharius Daniels Sunday Service July 31 2022

This is the Sunday service at Change Church on July 31 2022 with Pastor Dharius Daniels and it is a service you will love to be part of. Dharius Daniels who is the senior pastor of Change Church and the husband of Shameka Daniels will be giving us a heartwarming message this Sunday. He has inspired many youths in the United States of America, Australia and Canada through his teachings and lifestyle.

Inviting everyone to this Sunday service through Instagram, Change Church wrote:

“We miss y’all already! But catch us in the chat tomorrow because it’s 🔥 Sabbath Sunday! 🔥Watch our livestreams airing at:

9am, 11:30am, 3pm, and 5pm est”

Watch and learn from this Sunday service with Pastor Dharius Daniels on July 31 2022 as we bring the latest Sunday messages from Pastors across the United States of America to you.

Video Credit: Pastor Dharius Daniels YouTube

Also watch: “Express Yourself ” by Dharius Daniels below:

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