Holly Furtick Message: The Starting Place for Change

Holly Furtick shares this message titled “The Starting Place for Change” where she teaches that we all have hardship in our lives, and it’s not always easy to accept the situation we are in. She said it’s much easier to pretend that everything is fine and just suffer alone but when we are honest with ourselves and those that we trust, true healing can begin.

She said you can’t confuse easy with simple as easy and simple are not the same thing. In fact every time you hear it is going to take one of these simple steps, there is something easy that he could have been done. She said that if Naaman had gone with the easy way he would have never received the healing that he needed.

This guy had it all, he was the commander of the army and even though he was not an Israelite the bible tells us that the lord had given him great victories and even the king admired him. Holly asked if you have anyone in your life that from your perspective it looks like they have the perfect life? She went on to say that the truth is that no one is exempted from suffering.

You can’t be good enough to avoid it … you can’t be rich enough to buy your way out of it … you can’t be smart enough to evade it at some point. Everyone suffers no matter how amazing they make their life look to you.

Watch and learn from this message by Holly Furtick “The Starting Place for Change” as we bring the latest messages from Pastor Holly and her husband Steven Furtick to you.

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