Pastor Jared Ellis: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons And Net Worth

Pastor Jared Ellis: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons, And Net Worth: Jared Ellis is a pastor, author, and public speaker from Sacramento in the United States. He is the lead pastor of E2 Church Sacramento, which he pastors with his wife, Trinh.


Pastor Jared Ellis was born in Long Island, New York, on the 22 of June 1991. He was born into a Christian home, which made him become familiar with church and ministry. Unfortunately, he did not continue on the path of faith as he drifted from God and the church when he lost his father.

Jared lost his father at the tender age of 11 to cancer, and he spent all of his teenage years away from God. He indulged in sin, rebellion, and every other kind of immorality. The preacher even got into addiction and at one point became suicidal and suffered depression. 

Pastor Jared Ellis: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons And Net Worth


Jared was trained and equipped for Ministry at Christ For The Nations in Dallas. He later proceeded to the School of Supernatural Ministry at Bethel Church. 

Journey Back To Faith

Pastor Jared’s encounter and revival came at the age of 16. He was still running from God until God encountered him in the most unusual way at a youth conference. It was after this encounter that Jared’s life changed forever. 

The preacher did not waste time in answering the call to ministry. He went on a journey to his home-place of Long Island, NY, and started preaching and leading worship at churches and conferences.


After Jared’s high school, God led him to Dallas, Texas to be trained and equipped at Christ For The Nations in Dallas while also working on staff at a youth camp that reaches over 4,000 teenagers each summer. He also spent a year at Bethel Church where he led worship and attended the School of Supernatural Ministry. After his season of training, Jared felt led to move to Abilene, Texas where he worked for three years as a Student/Worship Pastor at Fountaingate Fellowship. Jared currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serves the vision of Elevation Church, a ministry that currently reaches over 20,000 in weekend attendance.

Pastor Jared Ellis: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons And Net Worth

E2 Church

While he was still the pastor at Elevation Church God decided to take a step further with him. In February of 2017, God called Pastor Jared to take the mission to the next level to reach the city of Sacramento and launch E2 Church.

The E2 church was launched and it is one of the fastest-growing churches in America. 

Pastor Jared Ellis Family Life

Pastor Ellis is married to his wife, Trinh Ellis who is from Vietnam. Jared proposed to Trinh in November 2018 and the pair got married in June 2019. 

The couple shares a life and pastor a church in Sacramento. 

Pastor Jared Ellis: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons And Net Worth
Pastor Jared Ellis and Wife

Pastor Jared Ellis Books

Pastor Jared Ellis is an author and he has two published works to his credit. He is the author of “Unlocking Your Destiny“. The book covers topics such as calling, dreams, favor, leadership, success, and more.  Unlocking Your Destiny provides the reader with a strategic guide to the path that God has set before them. 

The second book by Pastor Jared is “Yes: Simple Response Radical Results“. The book talks about why it is important and very profitable that we say YES to the call of God.  

Pastor Jared Ellis Sermons

Some of Pastor Jared’s life-changing sermons include: 

  • The God Who is able
  • 7 ways to build wealth wisely
  • Supernatural Stewardship
  • The 4 Tactics of a winning team
  • Try some self-care
  • There is a secret in the sabbath
  • The Power of Same
  • Order Your Life
  • Don’t Put God First. 
  • Finding Focus

Pastor Jared Ellis Net Worth

Pastor Jared’s Net Worth cannot be estimated at the moment. However, his income comes from his career as a pastor of one of the fastest-growing churches in America, and he also partners with the Logos Bible Software and he is also a public speaker. 

Social media

You can reach out to Pastor Jared Ellis by following him on these social media platforms:

Instagram: @Jared Ellis

Facebook: @Jared Ellis

YouTube: @E2 Church


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