Pastor Jesse Duplantis Sermon – “What Shall I Do For Thee?”

Pastor Jesse Duplantis Sermon - “What Shall I Do For Thee?"

Pastor Jesse Duplantis delivered this sermon titled “What Shall I Do For Thee?” on Sunday, January 10 2021 and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. The senior pastor of Covenant Church and the husband of Cathy Duplantis herein teaches that you should not let the fear of choosing make you choose nothing.

Teaching on resting, Jesse Duplantis wrote on Instagram:

“A lot of people think they can succeed more if they can cut out resting. Wrong!

Even Jesus rested. He rested in the boat on the way to the other side of the Sea of Galilee with His disciples. He took times of rest in the wilderness, too. He had alone time with God. He fasted, prayed, and rested.

Do you think that when Jesus was in that wilderness by Himself that there were people in town that could have used His preaching and miracle working power? Do you think they could have found something for Him to do, somewhere for Him to go, and someone for Him to minister to? Of course. Sure. Definitely! But even Jesus Himself knew the rest He needed was necessary for Him to fulfill His destiny as Savior of the world—so if Jesus Himself needed rest, you do, too. If He took it, then you should, too. Listen to your body. You need that thing to fulfill your destiny here on earth!”

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