Pastor Joel Osteen: God Given Desires

Pastor Joel Osteen shares this sermon titled “God Given Desires” where he teaches that when you keep God first place, He will place dreams inside you that lead you to your destiny. You can trust Him to guide you to the best plan for your life.

He said that sometimes life can be confusing. We think, “how do I know what my purpose is, what am I supposed to do?” There are so many roads we can take, so many different paths we can go down. We have ideas, goals we want to accomplish but we’re not sure, “is this my plan or is this God’s plan? Is this just an idea I came up with, or is it something I should pursue; is it a part of my destiny?” How do we know what’s right for us? David said in psalm 37, “if you will commit your ways to the lord, if you will trust him and do good, then God will give you the desires of your heart.”

We read that to mean that God will give us whatever we want. But another perspective is when you honor God, He will put the right desires in you. When you have a heart to please God, when you’ve committed your ways to Him, then He will make sure you have the right desires.

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Video Credit: Joel Osteen Ministries YouTube

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