Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon – Just Remember

Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon - Just Remember

Pastor Joel Osteen has delivered this sermon and message titled “Just Remember” and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. Joel Osteen who is the husband of Victoria Osteen and the father of Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen in this sermon teaches that none of us like difficulties and that if we had a choice, we probably will not go through them. He however said that our past challenges have a purpose as they prepare us for our future.

Teaching about going into an agreement with God, Joel Osteen took to Instagram to write:

“If you’re going to become who God made you to be, you have to get in agreement with God. You cannot go around feeling intimidated, like you’re average, you don’t have anything to offer.

Put on the right recording:
• I’m amazing
• I’ve been marvelously made
• I’m a masterpiece

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