Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon – Night Seasons

Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon - Night Seasons

Pastor Joel Osteen shares this sermon and message titled “Night Seasons” where he teaches that we all go through times that we don’t understand. He says that Matthew 5:45​ tells us that “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.” and this means we are all going to go through night seasons and face difficult times. In this message by Joel, you will learn how to face these night seasons with hope and the right attitude as night seasons always lead us to the amazing things God has in store for us.

Teaching on Instagram, Pastor Joel Osteen once wrote:

“I love the fact that you can never get so low that God won’t come down and pick you up. You’re not too far off course, you haven’t failed too many times, you haven’t had too many bad breaks. God is coming to you right now. He’s breathing on your life in a new way, with fresh vision, fresh passion, new doors are going to open, the greatness God put in you is about to come out, what He’s destined for you to accomplish will come to pass. Now, don’t write yourself off and don’t write anyone else off. Don’t give up on your child, don’t quit praying for that loved one. ”

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