Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon: Finding Your True Calling

Pastor Joseph Prince shares this sermon titled “Finding Your True Calling” where he asked if you have lost your sense of purpose? Are you unsure of what God is really calling you to? He said you should know that when God calls you to something, He will equip you for it. This excerpt is from the sermon, Rest for Your Soul in Restless Times, preached on Jul 31, 2022.

Do you want to live a life of purpose? A life fulfilling that destiny for which you are called? Or do you just want to make money? “I want to make money.” “I don’t care how my health suffers and all that.”

Each one of you were birthed into this world with a purpose and a calling. God can restore the years. But you missed out on what could have been. You know, there’s a saying that you climb the ladder of success. Make sure that the ladder of success that you climb to the top is on the right building. No point climbing a long, tall ladder all the way up and then finally you find yourself on top, but at the wrong building.

He feels that you need to know your calling. You need to know your purpose. And the calling is given, like the Apostle Paul says: “God separated me in my mother’s womb to” “reveal His Son in me.” Yet, you find him chasing down believers, thinking that he’s doing God’s service by killing Christians or throwing them into the dungeons, into the prisons. And he doesn’t realize that he was coming against the Lord.

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Video Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries YouTube

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