Pastor Michael Todd Easter Sermon – Exchange The Stain

Pastor Michael Todd Easter Sermon - Exchange The Stain

Transformation Church shares this new Easter sermon by Pastor Michael Todd titled “Exchange The Stain // What Are You Stained With?” and it is not a message you will want to miss. The senior pastor and founder of Transformation Church who is married to Natalie Todd herein teaches on how the things we experience in our life can stain us. He went on to say that the good news is that God came to exchange our stains for a new life with Him.

Celebrating this Easter on Instagram, Pastor Michael Todd wrote on Instagram:

“SPOILER ALERT — We get lit and hype because of something that happened eternally!!! On the third day Our Saviour rose with ALL POWER defeating death, hell, and the grave!!!

Man I am so grateful and humbled to know that God loved me so much, Michael Alexander Todd, at the ugliest moments of my life, to die for my STAINS and resurrect so I could live with Him forever. I am so thankful!

And He did not die and resurrect just for me but also for you and you YOU!”

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