Pastor Michael Todd Sermon: Clearly // The Vision For Invasion

Transformation Church shares this Sunday sermon by Pastor Michael Todd titled “The Vision For Invasion” which was delivered as part of the “Clearly Series” during the Vision Sunday 2022. In this sermon, Pastor Michael revealed our word of the year for 2022. He said that our problem is not vision, but clarity of vision from God. One touch from God can bring clear vision. If you are needing vision for any area of your life today, this message is for you!

Teaching further on this sermon, Transformation Church took to Instagram to write:

“The problem in 2022 is not vision… the problem is clarity of vision from God.

You start drifting when you don’t see the vision clearly. If we want to see vision clearly. We have to allow JESUS to do it.”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Michael Todd Sermon: “The Vision For Invasion” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors across the globe to you.

Credit: Transformation Church YouTube

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