Pastor Michael Todd Sermons: It’s Not Safer In The Shallow

Pastor Michael Todd Sermons: It's Not Safer In The Shallow

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) shares one of the sermons by Pastor Michael Todd titled “It’s Not Safer In The Shallow (Part 1)” where Pastor Michael teaches you how to let go of control, because “it’s not safer in the shallow”. TBN is one of the world’s largest religious networks and America’s most watched faith channel. TBN broadcasts programs by Traditional Protestant and Catholic denominations, Messianic Jewish, Interdenominational and Full Gospel Churches.

Teaching on Speaking in tongues, Pastor Michael Todd wrote on Instagram:

“Trigger Warning! ⚠️ This Might Offend your Theology

Speaking in tongues is a gift from the Holy Spirit, it’s scriptural.. and any believer has access to receive it.
As a believer, you don’t have to earn it because it is a GIFT freely given by the Holy Spirit. So why wouldn’t you accept #TheUpgrade?? If the great Apostle Paul accepted it and flexed about it…why wouldn’t you??”

Watch and learn from one of the sermons by Pastor Michael Todd “It’s Not Safer In The Shallow” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the world to you daily.

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