Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Message – Duck Lips of America

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Message - Duck Lips of America

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts delivered a message titled “Duck Lips of America” and it is not a message you will want to miss. The pastor of The Potters House At One LA and Denver who is married to Pastor Toure Roberts herein reminds us that walking with God is a tightrope, as we breathe in His presence & exhale our fears.

Teaching that “We Can Question God”, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote on Instagram:

“I had a longer clip to post, but for some reason this smaller portion stood out. I think it’s because this small part is just for YOU.

Life feels messy right now. You’re wondering why you’re up against that pain, trauma, disease, grief, heartbreak, etc.

In the most sacred space of your heart you’re wondering “God, why me?”….I want you to know that God didn’t want you to face it either. God didn’t want your heart to be shattered nor your hope to destroyed. God knows the pain you feel and God also knows the path that leads you to healing from here.

A lot of people say don’t question God. I don’t subscribe to that. Just make sure when you’re done questioning you say, “Lead me to redemption, God.”

It’s time for the counseling.
It’s time to let someone in.
It’s time to remove your guard so healing can come in.
I’m praying for you.

If you know that God can redeem what the enemy meant for evil drop a testimony to encourage our friends in search of hope.”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts – Duck Lips of America – as we bring the latest messages from Pastor Sarah to you daily.

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