Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Message – You Are Invaluable!

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Message - You Are Invaluable

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts shares this message titled “You Are Invaluable” and it is a message you will want to listen to. In this message, SJR expressed her feelings about getting to a worthy place, assuring listeners that God sees them as priceless and invaluable. Channeling her ‘Original Woman Being’ as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, Sarah Jakes Roberts made this episode a bit tough.

Teaching that ‘You Should Be Handled With Care or not handled at all” , Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote on Instagram:

“The @womanevolve word of the month is: FRAGILE.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and if I could take a moment to be your friend in your head I would say a little something like this:


Can I go deeper? When I say folks it includes YOU! This month I want to challenge you to dig deeply into how you’re doing. Because there are moments when we’re reckless in the way we speak to ourselves, refuse to create boundaries, nor speak up when we’re in pain.

We’re all a bit more fragile than we care to admit, but when we fail to acknowledge our fragility we’re often mishandled.

This month could be the beginning of you owning your truth, even if it’s a scary truth. Depressed? Let’s get help. Anxious? Let’s find tools. Stressed? Let’s relieve some of that pressure.

Wherever you are the most important thing for you to know is that God knows you’re fragile. That’s why the spirit of God is always awaiting to strengthen you where you need it the most.

Each week our devotional will be centered around your beautiful fragility make sure you’re signed up at”

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