Pastor Steven Furtick: A Steady Hand For A Sudden Blessing

Today we present a new message from Pastor Steven Furtick, which is titled “A Steady Hand for a Sudden Blessing”. The text for the message is from Acts 1:7.

Pastor Steven teaches us in this message about a steady hand for a sudden blessing. What we experience suddenly is usually engineered steadily. Behind most things that happen quickly to our eyes, there is consistency that enables them to happen that we don’t see. We have to know that everything that happens in our lives has God behind it. What looks like luck in the lens of our experience was anything as a result of consistency. Something we think is not going to happen suddenly happens while we are wondering how it happened. On the day of Pentecost, there came a sudden sound for people who were sitting in the middle of a very difficult and uncertain season. Sometimes in our lives, when we don’t know how God can deliver us from trouble, his miracle comes suddenly when we depend on him. As Christians, we are going to face hard times, but God will always make a way for us and deliver us from our problems.
A sudden blessing comes from a steady hand; maybe you need God to come right now because you have no clue what can happen next. Maybe you graduated from college and have no clue who is going to hire you. There is so much pressure in society today that we have to know that when we only listen to God, things happen in his time. We have to know that God cares for us, and his steady hand will bring a sudden blessing into our lives. We don’t know when the promises of God for our lives are going to take place, but we know that they will surely come because God has already said it. We have to learn how important it is for us to depend on God with all our hearts.


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