Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon – Choosing Your Chains

Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon - Choosing Your Chains

Pastor Steven Furtick shares this sermon titled “Choosing Your Chains” and we are bringing it to you to listen to and meditate on. The senior pastor and founder of Elevation Church who is married to Holly Furtick has changed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through his teachings and way of life. H delivered this sermon during “YTHX” which is a summer Youth Experience for middle and high school youth from all Elevation Church locations.

Teaching that “Trust Takes Time” , Pastor Steven Furtick once wrote on Instagram:

“Trust takes time. And knowing what certain people are in your life is helpful. If you try to make anybody everything in your life, they’re gonna disappoint you. They can’t be that. That’s not fair to them. So knowing the role that people have in your life is important. But a lot of times, when you don’t really trust God, you’re probably going to be suspicious of people.

If you think subconsciously, “I don’t trust God,” you’re gonna have a hard time trusting anyone. If you do trust God, deep down, then like Joseph said to his brothers, “You meant it for evil, God meant it for good. He’s the one that I trusted…” Then even if people let you down or don’t do what they were supposed to do, you still have that foundational trust in God. The only way you build that trust is the same way you build it with people. Trust takes times.

So time with God, time in His presence. And you learn over time, “Oh I shouldn’t have trusted that person as much.” You learn who you talk too much around. You learn, “Oh everybody doesn’t need to know everything about me.” And you’ll have different people in your life. You might have one friend that you trust them to listen and never say a word of what you say.

You might have somebody else that can’t keep a secret to save their life, but you actually trust them to give you wisdom. And while it takes different people, make sure that none of them take the place of God in your life. But no matter what they do, you’ll be ok. Because somebody is gonna let you down if they haven’t already. You’ll be ok if your trust is in God.”

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