Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon – Even If It Feels Like It’s Over

Pastor Steven Furtick shares this new sermon and message titled “Even If It Feels Like It’s Over” where he teachs that even if it feels like it’s over, God is working in your situation right now and you will experience joy again. The father of Abbey Furtick, Elijah Furtick and Graham Furtick and the husband of Holly Furtick who is known for his sermons has changed many lives in and around the United States of America through his teachings and way of life.

Commenting on Instagram about the new song “Talking To Jesus” , Steven Furtick wrote:


I put the car in park & sat in the driveway with my family to show them this song right after we wrote it. The lyric was so personal I didn’t know whether it was meant to be released, or for our phones only.

A few days later I asked Brandon and Chris, “what if Brandon leads it for the Elevation / Mav City collab?” I couldn’t stop imagining it.

It came together even better than I pictured. Being with my family while Brandon led it so beautifully at the recording was a lifetime highlight for me as a dad and a songwriter.”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick – Even If It Feels Like It’s Over – and do not forget to always check in for the latest sermons from pastors around the globe daily.

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