Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon: Release That Mistake

Pastor Steven Furtick shares this sermon titled “Release That Mistake” where he asks you not to be afraid to release what’s in your hands because God’s got you. This is an excerpt from his sermon “The Other Hand.” He said you’re holding on to stuff so tight and that some of you have such a death grip; your knuckles are white holding on to your staff, holding on to your identity. You’ve told yourself,  “This is who I am. This is who I’m going to be. This is what I did.”  And you just need the hand of God in it.

The founder of Elevation Church said nobody’s hands are clean. None is righteous. Nobody lifted their hands because they don’t have any blood on them. They lifted their hands because his blood will cleanse them of all unrighteousness if they confess it and own it and give it to him. So it’s not about God’s hand. You’ve got more than enough aptitude. You’ve got more than enough experience. You’ve got more than enough height.

Before you were born, he knit you together. Before you were conceived, he set you apart.  It’s never been about His hand. God said, “What’s in yours?”

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Video Credit: Steven Furtick YouTube

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