Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon: This Is How I Fight My Battles

Pastor Steven Furtick shares this sermon and message titled: “This Is How I Fight My Battles” where he teaches that bent knees are the posture of progress. In this message, we learn to surrender our situation and make space for what God’s bringing us into next. This is an excerpt from his sermon “Bent Knees Break Chains.”

He said you are at the moment of decision right now.  “Am I going to stay chained to my past? Am I  going to live in this resentment toward others and this regret toward myself?” Some of you are angry at yourself. You think you’re God. You think you can make a big enough mess that God can’t clean you up, but it’s not true. You’re not God! If he died for you, and if he calls you, and if he comes for you, and if he raises you, even you yourself can’t change his mind. The gifts of God are without repentance.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick “This Is How I Fight My Battles” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastor Steven Furtick to you.

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