Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon – What You Call Small

Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon - What You Call Small

Elevation Church shares this new sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick titled “What You Call Small” which he delivered on Sunday February 21 2021 and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. The founder of Elevation Church and the husband of Holly Furtick in this sermon says that your small moments play big roles. Herein he teaches us that the greatest miracles can come from downplayed moments.

Celebrating his father on his birthday, Pastor Steven Furtick’s son wrote:

“Today’s my dad’s birthday, so I figured I would tell y’all 3 things that you don’t know about him that I think you should.

1. He’s a personal trainer. 6 days a week, we wake up at 7 AM and hit THE POUND ™️ (which is what we call our workout room) and he helps me on my journey to get built like him.

2. He’s a friend. Some people honestly have lame dads I’m not gonna lie. So I can understand why they wouldn’t really wanna spend too much time hanging out with their dad just for fun. But when you have a dad who’s as awesome as mine, it’s honestly hard not to be friends with him. He’s one of my favorite people to talk to, listen to music with, and just be around in general.

3. He’s a therapist. I have some friends who swear by therapy. This made me start to wonder how I’m able to process through the things that happen in my life without having a therapist to talk to, but then I remembered that I have a therapist living with me in my house. He listens to all my problems and helps me get through life in general.

@stevenfurtick I love you boy. Happy birthday!💚”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Steven Furtick – What You Call Small – and do not forget to always check in for the latest sermons from Pastor Furtick daily.

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