Pastor Vlad Savchuk and Wife Celebrate Long-Awaited Son’s Dedication

Pastor Vlad Savchuk and Wife Celebrate Long-Awaited Son's Dedication

Pastor Vlad Savchuk and his Wife Celebrate Long-Awaited Son’s Dedication

HungryGen Church senior pastor, Vlad Savchuk and his wife, Lana, rejoiced yesterday as they dedicated their long-awaited three-month-old son, Samuel, to the Lord during a church ceremony.

“Our little man was dedicated to the Lord today,” reads the pastor’s social media post, accompanied by a stunning photo of the couple with their son.

Although the post did not highlight the details of the dedication service, the comment section was filled with an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from fans and followers alike.

The couple’s journey to parenthood was a long one, marked by periods of depression and anxiety during their 13-year marriage.

However, their faith and unwavering commitment to each other served as their guiding light. They prioritized God’s purpose in their lives, ultimately finding peace and acceptance for any outcome.

“I had to make peace within myself for whatever outcome was going to come,” Lana, the pastor’s wife, shared in a 2023 Instagram video. “Either we were going to have children or we don’t. If we wouldn’t have children, I had to be kind of okay with that.”

“Making peace didn’t mean surrendering,” clarified the pastor. “It meant prioritizing God’s presence and purpose.”

Lana’s message of hope resonates with couples facing similar struggles. She encourages them to maintain their faith, cherish their spouse, and find strength in their bond.

“Even if you are struggling and you can’t have children,” she advises, “I think your life should not stop. If you are walking with the Lord, continue to walk with the Lord. The main focus, I think, is the spouse. Children are a blessing, a kind of byproduct, but if they don’t come, I think the focus should still be on the spouse.”

Baby Samuel, born on March 20th, 2024, marks a beautiful new chapter for the couple. Their story of faith, perseverance, and love is an inspiration to many.


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