Pat Barrett Announces New Project “Happily Hidden”

Pat Barrett Announces New Project "Happily Hidden"

Pat Barrett Announces New Project “Happily Hidden”

Renowned American Christian worship singer Pat Barrett has announced the upcoming release of a new collection of songs titled “Happily Hidden.” Set to be released in a few weeks, this project holds a deeply personal significance for Barrett. He describes the songs as his “ongoing soundtrack for communion, prayer, worship, contemplation, and stillness” over recent months.

In an Instagram post, Barrett shared his reflections on the project’s theme. He highlighted the importance of solitude and intimate moments with God. Also, he drew inspiration from the example of Jesus, who often withdrew to lonely places for prayer. In addition, he emphasized the significance of secret, personal communion with God.

“In a modern era where we are more ‘rewarded’ for our reach than our depth… more socially incentivized to be known by others than known by Him… more encouraged to ‘make a name for ourselves’ than to find contentment in His… more recognized for our ‘personal brands’ than for our ‘love’… the secret, hidden place with God feels all the more beautifully needed,” Barrett explained.

The project, aptly named “Happily Hidden,” aims to invite listeners into moments of deep, personal connection with God. Barrett’s hope is that these songs will create spaces for listeners to have a new experience of God.

Barrett’s heartfelt message has resonated with many, as he encourages a return to the quiet, hidden places of faith and worship. The anticipation for “Happily Hidden” grows as fans eagerly await the opportunity to share in this intimate and contemplative musical journey.

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