Perry Noble to sign contract for Church’s Greenville location.

Perry Noble, the founder and senior pastor of Second Chance Church announces the signing of the contract for the Church extension in Greenville.

Perry Noble has in a Facebook statement disclosed that he would enter into a contract for the church’s new location at Grenville Today. Noble stated however that the contract does not guarantee ownership as there is more to be done. Including soil profiling as well as an Architectural plan which of course he mentioned is done.

“Signing a contract doesn’t mean the deal is done. We must go through our due diligence phase (soil testing, confirmation of zoning, etc.) which could take between 90-120 days. Architectural plans are already being worked on. And after all of this, we have to actually raise the money to complete the project.” He wrote in a statement.

Again, Pastor Perry Noble disclosed that he was thrilled about the development as well as its future effect on people. “Super excited about this. Super excited about more people meeting Jesus.” He wrote.

He also made mention of possibly extending the church to Columbia. Also adding that they likely would venture into other missions that bring God’s word to people. He wrote, “And one more thing, after Greenville, if the Lord allows, the next location will be in Columbia. And after that, we literally do not know, our hands are wide open, we want to do whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible with the Good News of Jesus Christ”

Recall that Noble stated he received criticisms from Facebook followers following his initial announcement of expanding Second Chance Church to Greenville. He however made known that the criticism will never hinder his mission.

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