Pope Francis Prays For Women on Women’s Day

Pope Francis Prays For Women on Women’s Day

Pope Francis the head of the Catholic Church prays for women in commemoration of International Women’s Day. In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church has considered it crucial to pray for women. This however went a long way to indicate his recognition of the presence of women in the society as well as his care for them. He understood the importance of women and the need for them to be not only free from harm but also given appropriate regard.

Pope Francis took to his Twitter handle today to pray for women. In his post, he urged that people of  God may join him in prayer. He prayed that women may be respected. He also prayed for their protection and added that women may   be highly regarded 

Furthermore, the Holy Father associated violence against women with violence against God. He made mentioned that God came through a woman and mother. As such any harm done to a woman is in the same manner done to God.

“Let us pray together so that women, every woman, may be respected, protected, and esteemed. Violence against women and mothers is violence against god himself, who from a woman, from a mother, took on our human condition” He wrote.

According to a news report from the Vatican News, during the Wednesday General audience in the Vatican, Pope Francis applauded the women. “A special blessing for all the women in the square. And a round of applause for women! They deserve it”. He said.  In addition, Pope Francis said that he thinks of all the women. He further appreciated them for their commitment to building a more human society.

Indeed! It is without a doubt that Pope Francis truly cares for women.

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