Pope Francis solicits prayers for war and natural disaster victims

Pope Francis solicits prayers for the victims of Mississippi tornado, Turkey and Syria Earthquake survivors as well as war-wrecked Ukraine.

Mississippi tornado Havoc
Mississippi tornado Havoc

Customary to the Catholic head, he appealed to the members of the public in a Twitter post to pray for victims of some recent natural disasters. And also for Ukraine which has been ravaged by war. Describing the Ukrainians who have long been in conflict with Russia as “tormented”, Pope appealed that they are prayed for.

He went on to add that the victims of the 6th February devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey, which had claimed over 500,000 lives, leaving thousands homeless be remembered in prayers. The Vatican head did not fail to take note of the most recent tornado that struck Mississippi on Friday. He also requested that they be prayed for.

“Let us continue to pray for the tormented Ukrainian people. And let us stay close also to the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria. Let us also pray for the population of the state of Mississippi, struck by a devastating tornado. “Pope wrote and conclusively added, “Let’s pray together”.

Pope Francis only did not request prayers on Twitter. He also made his request today at the Vatican after leading in the Angelus prayer. Vatican News reports that “after the recitation of the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis turned his thoughts to parts of the world hit by war, unrest, and natural disasters, encouraging everyone to pray for the people affected and to bring our solidarity.” The news further reports that the pope also requested for prayers for Peru contrary to his tweet.

We hope God comes through for these victims and the unrest country even as we join Pope in prayers for them.

Check out the Pope’s tweet  below:

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