Prayer For You Today – May You Achieve All Your Goals


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prayer for you today

Prayer For You Today – May You Achieve All Your Goals

prayer for you today

A prayer for you today is a good way for me to start the day for you. Prayers can move mountains if only you believe. Faith is a very important part of prayer and also a very important part of the life of every christian. I have a prayer for you today below:

“I am praying for you today that today will be better than other days in your life. May you achieve all your goals today. May all your aspirations be achieved today and may you never lack today. May god through his infinite mercy give you the grace to carry on and pursue your goals, the grace to never give up, the grace to never say never and the grace to always have hope and believe that it will be better soon.

May today be the beginning of your everlasting testimony in life, may your eyes never see evil or any bad thing today and may your ears never hear any bad thing today. May you never have a reason to regret today, may you always smile whenever you remember today and let it be a blessing upon you and your household, your friends, your family, your occupation, your profession and your life in general. May the almighty god bless and protect you today any form of accident, bad news and heartbreak in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.”

Always remember to say all prayers with faith and dedication in God including this my prayer for you today. so that the almighty god can manifest in you and through you. A prayer-less christian has an empty arsenal. Our God can do all things, all you need to do is to pray have faith and allow him do his own things is on time and pace. May we never get tired of praying and believing in god, Amen


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The World Is Not Ours ...

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  1. In the prayer for PRAYER FOR YOU TODAY… God should be spelled with a capital G not a small g…However, it a beautiful prayer 🙏🏽

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