Prophet Bushiri Email – How to contact Shepherd Bushiri Major 1


The World Is Not Ours...

Prophet Bushiri email

Prophet Bushiri Email – How to contact Shepherd Bushiri Major 1

Prophet Bushiri email

On Prophet Bushiri Email – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is really one of the most extravagant ministers on the planet. Be that as it may, he fends off his riches from the consideration of the general population. As indicated by a few reports, he has figured out how to profit in 14 years. Shepherd Bushiri is the organizer of the Illuminated Christian Social occasion Church. He is a world-class prophet and business visionary. What is so extraordinary about him that he has turned out to be a standout amongst the best men on the planet?


Shepherd Bushiri date of birth is obscure. A few people theorize that he is around 40 years of age. The primary wellsprings of wage of the Prophet incorporate Evangelism, Gold Mines, Correspondences and Bushiri College of Horticulture. He wants to keep his interests in various kind of organizations and even extraordinary nations. You can discover a hint of a portion of his interests in Dubai, Mauritius, Botswana, South Africa and different nations outside Africa.

You can contact Shepherd Bushiri via Prophet Bushiri Email or his official social media pages.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri possesses a College in South Africa which is named after him, some land, houses, autos and even streams.

Taking to his social media platform, the prophet wrote: “The same God that made a way for you yesterday is going to make a way for you today and even tomorrow. Never doubt God, He is never changing!

In this Year of Open Doors, our strategic ministry goal is to ‘DOUBLE THE NUMBERS’. We don’t want to leave anybody out. We must go to the remotes of everywhere to win more souls for Jesus Christ.

As I had already said during the Pastor’s Intercession Meeting on 20 January 2019, I want every branch, every home cell to leave the comforts of prayer houses and go out to save and touch a soul.

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I am happy that some of our pastors are already taking a step in what I directed. Pastor Mlaka Maliro from Tanzeen Branch and his evangelism team took the deepest rural areas of Mokgolobotho Village on Saturday in a massive door-to-door campaign to win more souls for Jesus Christ.

That is commendable and I am calling on other pastors, across the world, to take a leaf from Pastor Maliro and his team.

It’s time to Double the Numbers!

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The World Is Not Ours ...


  1. Dear prophet Bushiri
    Greetings in christ
    I am pastor sampat rathod from mumbai India,i need prophetic annointng for speared gospel and deliverance ministry in my state maharashtr for 12 crore population no 12 prophets,pastors are inder attacks of enemy,thats why i need to visit you and ministry whatever help i need provide in Jesus name because i value and burden to save perishing souls.please pray for me to get wealth and high prophetical annointing

  2. Thank you so much man of God through your prayers my life has changed. I have never went to your church I only watch you from TV. I would love to visit your church one day.

  3. This is a Fresh request I been in the USA almost 10years nothing is working for me.
    I got a job almost two years but another arise again this man by the name Anthony Benson and Lakesha William did every thing to take always the job.These people don’t like People from African; They Are African American.Let God be the judge.

  4. I am sending my prayer points to my Spiritual father Major 1
    a) Papa pray for my healing over the Chronic Back Pains and Sugar Diabetes Mellitus
    b) Papa I need debts cancellation and make me a great Kingdom financer
    c) I pray for shelf companies to start functioning and financial breakthrough
    d) Papa open life, deliver me and my family, papa bless me in the name of Jesus

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