Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Declaration & Message About Money & Success


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Declaration & Message About Money & Success

Money is a Spiritual thing; Prophesy to it!

Money can be used by God to build and protect; money can be used by the devil to destroy. As Christians, we need to be careful with it.

But as Christians we need to understand that money is a spiritual. One, it belongs to God. Two, you need to ask God, just like how we ask other things, to be given. Three, money is a weapon–it can be used to defend or attack an enemy; when God gives it to you, you need to use it to defend the kingdom.

Brethren, never let money control you. When money controls you, it becomes, what the Bible says, the root of all evil. You need to control money. When you control money, you dont become its slave. In fact, you use it to further the kingdom of God.

Are you still a slave of money? Don’t be. Prophecy to it NOW and it will hear your word. Dont forget we are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Service this coming Sunday. I love you, Shalom.

“I want you to take Angel Gabriel oil and ask the Angel of God because God sent angels and they are still at work till today.

As the oil drop down from your hand; may money begin to drop in your pockets and bank accounts.

May you testify in Jesus name!

It is done!”

“I want to believe God for financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus. Use money for defence.

Say this with me;

“Every spirit that brings the love of money, I rebuke you; I command you out .

Every Spirit that brings the love of money I don’t want you.

I receive the anointing of money and I will use this money as a defence in my family–defence against poverty.

I will receive money to build my house.
To pay school fees for my kids.
To build up my career and to start up my company!”

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NB – Say all prayers with Faith

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