Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Prophetic Declaration & Prayer For Today


The World Is Not Ours...

Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic declaration

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Prophetic Declaration & Prayer For Today

Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic declaration

You can do all things!

With everything that we have received in this place,have no doubt that God has done it. The God of Major 1 never sleeps nor slumbers, He summoned us today, gathered in this place today with His purpose in mind. His agenda has been fulfilled; His ways are not our ways and His ability by far exceeds everything we could have ever imagined.

The anointing has moved smoothly over our lives,touching our families, restoring our destinies; increasing our faith. The power of the Holy Ghost has overtaken us, teaching us how to worship, how to praise Him and how to prepare to win 2 Million souls for Jesus.

Follow us on the Prophetic Global Tours as we take Jesus to the world. On Friday, be ready to break generational curses.Let us meet this weekend to tackle bloodline matters. Keep watching Prophetic Channel, stay connected to remain protected. I love you, Shalom!

What is your problem?

Major recalls all the amazing things that God has brought before him that he has seen resolved. Cancer-eaten body parts being restored. Women concieving without wombs. Cancer falling out of people. Bullets exiting from bodies where they were lodged. We have seen it all right here at ECG.

What is your problem? It is not too big that God cannot fix. Believe!

He is a problem solver

You have seen God heal diseases and solving court cases. You have seen the barren give birth, so what is your problem?

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The World Is Not Ours ...


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