Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Words & Prayer Today


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Words

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Words & Prayer Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Words

Do you know that the God we pray to, today, is still the same God who:

1. Opened the prison for Peter?
2. Who raised Lazarus from the dead?
3. Who parted the Red Sea for Moses?
4. Who put a baby in the arms of Sara?
5. Who made the sun standstill for Joshua?

That same God is still speaking today. No challenge is bigger before Him. He will always make a way for you where there seems to be no way.

Be comforted.

I see a promotion; I see a bid being approved. I am seeing a breakthrough. I am seeing a testimony.

Receive it now!

In everything you do, in your everyday’s busy schedules, dont forget to gather around family and friends and seek the presence of God.

There is ernomous power in a collective prayer.

In this month of production, you need to acquire Binachi. I did teach you, some months ago, that Binachi is the ability to have the prophetic wisdom of time like the sons of Issachar had. It is the ability not just to know what you are supposed to do; but also doing it at the right time.

It is because of this very wisdom of time that we know the season we are in, the season of delivery. You need this wisdom for all endeavors of your life, that you may be on time and at the right place to receive what you ought to in that season.

The Bible says there’s time for everything, and this is the time of delivery. Therefore, I release Binachi now to help you not to miss this seasons blessings and others that are yet to come. Not just seasons but your everyday life too, that you may know when to do what as well as when to pray for it.

Receive it NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Get Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prophetic Words Today

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