Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sermon Today 2nd November, 2018


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sermon Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sermon Today 2nd November, 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sermon Today

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Sermon Today say : FIND FAVOUR

“Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good repute in the sight of God and man.” – Proverbs 3:3-4


The term, “favour”, is known by many as unmerited grace or mercy. But I prefer to define favour as extraordinary kindness or grace.

The scriptures above provide us with a recipe for how we can obtain favor and a good reputation in the sight of people and God. What I want us to really focus on right now, is the “obtaining” of favour.

In various occasions during our church services, I have taught on the different types of favour. Favour in general, does not require you to do anything to obtain it, but depending on the level or type of favour, there may be a few basics you need to do to activate it.

The type of favour that is mentioned in the verse above, is the favour that you activate by being kind and honest to others. People and God will recognise your consistency in being kind and honest, and so, they will find it easy to want to be kind to you too. When your kindness and honesty come from the heart, it activates uncommon kindness in God and people, and you will find yourself walking in favour everywhere you go.

Action Point:

There are no restrictions pertaining this type of favour; all one has to do is to be kind and truthful. This means that kindness and honesty attract favour, and lies and unkindness repel it. When you are a person of integrity, you will find favour with God. When you find favour with God, even man will begin to favour you, for the physical is governed by the spiritual and the Almighty God governs them all. Do not seek after favour, seek after being truthful and being kind.


“Dear Lord, I am grateful today that I have discovered in Your Word the recipe to finding favour in You and in men. Oh Lord, as I go about my day, may uncommon favour go with me everywhere I go. May everything I do and touch exhibit Your favour in my life. Thank You for revealing to me today that I should always seek to be truthful in everything that I do, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”


By Shepherd Bushiri

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  1. Man of God I saw wonders how God is using you to help us. I want to papa to pray for me and my family financial breakthrough and wisdom. My brother lost job and is drinking a lot , I am studying but cant complete my studies and next year is my last year and now I am doing the second year. God of Major 1 help me , I believe if you just look at me It is done

  2. Major1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, you visited me twice in a vision and you asked whether I know my problems, I reply no and the second one was at the time of visitation of angels. As you were preaching in the pulpit I was watching and tried to take my tea, but you keep saying that you, you pay attention, as if though you were talking to me. The more I tried to take the tea you will repeat same word, pay attention to what I am saying, as I keep watching while you were preaching, immediately you jumped out of the screen and stood infront of me and I was so scared.

    Man of God as you asked me whether I know my problems? I know you my problems and I want your help to pray for me and restored my life. I have to Pretoria, as International visitor with my daughter as she was having mental disorder. But the day you are supposed to pray for us was the day GOD took control of ECG and you were asked to removed out your shoes because you were standing on a Holy place. Later you decided to leave without praying for us.

  3. Major1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,I don’t want to enter 2019 with same problems I am facing. Help me. Restore back my life and my children.


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