Sunday Service With Prophet Shepherd Bushiri July 17 2022

This is the Sunday service at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG)on July 17 2022 with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and it is a service that will make you meditate and trust God the more. Enlightened Christian Gathering has for long served the people of South Africa and Malawi spiritually and the good work is still ongoing. Also Shepherd Bushiri who is the senior pastor and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering has instilled hope and faith into the lives of many Africans through his teachings.

Inviting everyone to Church this Sunday, Shepherd Bushiri took to Instagram on Saturday to write:

“Have a great weekend. Remember to go to church tomorrow and pray. God loves you without excuses and do the same!”

Watch and learn from this Sunday service with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on July 17 2022 as we bring the Sunday sermons and messages from Churches across the United States of America, Africa and Australia to you.

Video Credit: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri YouTube

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