Prophetic Instructions From Shepherd Bushiri – Updated Daily


The World Is Not Ours...

Prophetic Instructions Shepherd Bushiri

Prophetic Instructions Shepherd Bushiri – Updated Daily

Prophetic Instructions Shepherd Bushiri

Prophetic Instructions Shepherd Bushiri – Prophetic Instruction

Whatever document you have, whatever point of contact you have; believe God will touch it and change it, put it down on the floor and we shall count 1 to 5, because 5 is the number of grace. Tonight, we shall receive the grace that is upon our father in the Lord!

1-2-3-4-5! Glory! You must know in this month, the month of Esther, you will shine because Esther means “a star”!Are you believing with us online diplomats?

Esther was better than all

This month, just like Esther, you will experience favour – she was more attractive than all others. She won approval and favour. In this month, may even your CV, your proposal or your document become attractive! People will ask to be a part of what you are doing. Whatever has been stalling, will be signed! There shall be no more delay!

Even the interviews you shall attend will be successful before the first question! Even if there is a competition, you will be favoured like Esther!

It is time to pray!

Diplomats are in prayer and the Lord God Himself is in our midst. The sweet aroma of the prayers of saints is rising to high heaven and the Lord is being lifted up! Something is happening in the atmosphere – we are under the anointing of our father in the Lord.

Don’t sit and fret, be in vigilant prayer. Fire the prayer – speak the grace and the favour over your children, your job; just like Esther, may you be singled out and given honour. Those who had forgotten you will remember you; those who despised or underestimated your potential will know your name, they will look for you!

Anoint yourself!

Take the Angel Gabriel anointing oil, place it in your hand. Dip your right finger in it and anoint your forehead. Believe in the God of Major 1. Trust that He will do it for you in this month of favour.

Our father has declared, you must believe!

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The World Is Not Ours ...


  1. I anoint myself on my forehead with the anointing of Angel Gabriel.The Lord wil see me,restore and bless me abundantly this month in every area of my life in JESUS MIGHTY name. Amen.

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