Prophetic Sunday Service With Shepherd Bushiri September 19

This is the Prophetic Sunday Service With Prophet Shepherd Bushiri at Enlightened Christian Gathering for September 19 2021 and it is a service that you will love to be part of as it will be filled with Wonderful messages and worship. The lead pastor and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering and the husband of Mary Bushiri has changed the lives of many people in and around South Africa, Australia and Malawi through his teachings and way of life.

Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Shepherd Bushiri wrote on Instagram:

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! Hallelujah!

Today is special because the Lord has permitted us to worship together once again. I have a burning message for you, straight from the throne of grace, a message so powerful that it will undoubtedly change your life. Make sure you don’t miss it for anything!

The service will be LIVE on all our official media platforms from exactly 6PM CAT.

NB: If you would like to connect to the service through our zoom conference rooms, you can get the links from the my OFFICIAL telegram channel:

Alternatively you can watch the LIVE stream on the following channels:

YouTube: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Facebook: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Instagram: @shepherdbushiri

TV Network: Prophetic Chanel

Twitter Updates: @psbushiri


Watch and learn from this “Prophetic Sunday Service With Prophet Shepherd Bushiri September 19 2021” as we bring the latest Sunday services from Churches around the world to you.

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