Read This Message By TB Joshua Today And Be Saved & Prosper


Read This Message By TB Joshua Today And Be Saved & Prosper

“Let us look for peace – peace of heart – and the little you have will be sufficient. Without peace of heart, even if you have the whole, you have trouble. The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your own way out. If you don’t consider your neighbour while looking for the way out of your problem, you are not considering Jesus, your Creator.

“Remember, your neighbour can be someone who does not share the same faith with you; your neighbour can be your friend or enemy. While looking for the way out of your mess, difficulty, situation – how will I do this business – consider your neighbour. What is happening to your neighbour? If that neighbour is entitled to the same business but you are ready to do anything to take it, you may take it – but without peace of heart.” – T.B. Joshua

“Even the great heroes of our faith experienced their own share of failure. Abraham and Moses, Elijah and David, Peter and Paul. They all knew what it was like to make serious mistakes but God used even their mistakes to bring them to the place where He wanted them to be.” – T.B. Joshua

PRAYER POINT: I command that spirit of disobedience, that spirit of disagreement, unrighteousness, doubt and negative thoughts out of your heart, in Jesus’ name.

Whatever hinders my blessing, deliverance, give way! Receive your healing; receive your deliverance, in Jesus’ name!

Viewers, whatever medium you are using to view us does not matter. You are declared free, in Jesus’ name!

Ask any successful person out there and they would tell you how much sickness, failure, stagnation they have endured to come to the place of honour they deserve. With deep reflection, you will see why you are going through the situation. It takes faith to realise that our situation is a mere stopping interval – a short break between two events. It’s a preparation, bridge to success.

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