Robert Fergusson Sermons – A City On A Hill

Robert Fergusson Sermons - A City On A Hill

Robert Fergusson Sermons A City On A Hill

The Hillsong Church brings us a new message by Pastor Robert Fergusson which is titled “A City On A Hill”. The text for the message is taken from the book of Matthew 5:13.

In the scripture, Jesus used two unusual images for illustration, Lamp and salt. The both objects are very essential to human life. They are both stable and they are both paradoxical. It is hard to change salt and it is hard to hide light. They are both beautiful and poisonous as well. They are indicative and paradoxical to human beings.

However, Jesus choose them more because they are influential. They change their circumstances without undergoing change themselves. Salt does not show a visible change but light shows a significant change. In the book of 2 Kings 2:21 we see the prophet heal water with the salt.

Just as salt in the world, we have been called to create an insignificant change in our environment. The light is very significant and we have been called to change just as the light. John 1:4. we need to create a visible change, stand out wherever we find ourselves.

What does it mean to be a city on a hill. The scripture in Matthew 5:13 teaches us the three things we should know if we want to be like the City on a hill.

The first is that we are something. We are to genuinely believe that we are something. Ephesians 1;1 tells us how we can find our identity. Let us believe that there is something different about us.

The second thing is that we have something to do. We need to find and understand our purpose. We have a job to do, a task to fulfill. Ephesians 2:13.  Do you know your calling or your task? There is that one thing that God has called you to do because we are His handiwork.

The third thing is that we have something in us that the world needs.

We are hereby encouraged that Jesus called us to be a city on a hill because we have something, we are something and we can do something. A city on a hill is a place of prominence and that is where God is calling us.

This is a message that will uplift your soul.

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