Sarah Jakes Roberts – “Draw it Out” – September 25 2020

Sarah Jakes Roberts - "Draw it Out" - September 25 2020

Sarah Jakes Roberts has delivered this sermon “Draw it Out” which we are bringing to you today September 25 2020 to listen to and meditate on. The wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes who is a mother of six is known for her educative and powerful messages.

Gushing about her husband a month back from the day of this publication, she took to Instagram to write: “It’s not our anniversary, but today I am grateful that I chose well. The last few months (like many of you) I’ve been reduced to surviving. I enjoy routine, structure, and predictability. Even within the context of my busy world I’ve been able to create a rhythm that makes me feel safe. ⁣

All of that changed and now very little is the same – except you. You are my steady in an unpredictable world. You are my North Star when home is hard to find. You dare to look ahead when I’d rather cover my eyes and pretend nothing is there. ⁣

You make me feel brave and fragile. You wrap me with your love when the world is cold and water the seeds of my destiny when the sun is shining bright. ⁣

I haven’t always chosen well. I haven’t always valued my heart, mind, body, and soul. I thank God that I dared to believe that damaged goods could be restored by grace. That belief gave me the faith to receive your love. It’s not our anniversary but today I am glad I chose well.”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts – “Draw it Out” – as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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