Sarah Jakes Roberts Talks ‘Parenting’ on Instagram

Sarah Jakes Roberts has revealed her view about ‘Parenting’ on Instagram and how we should celebrate it. The wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes & Serita Jakes made us to know that every Saturday of the school year that we survive should be a celebration.

She posted a video of her beautiful daughter on Instagram and wrote:

Sarah Jakes Roberts daughter
Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ daughter

“Every Saturday of the school year that we survive should be a celebration because if getting these children up, fed, moisturized, optimistic, vitamined, driven to school with homework, snacks, water bottles, and a signed permission slip while also trying to pray, exercise, study, execute, strategize, pay bills (them joints be coming from everywhere!), get a dinner plan, grease your scalp, go to therapy, implement tools from said therapy, feel like “you’ve still got it”, while also trying to find your keys and clean out milk from your car before it spoils isn’t an Olympian feat then I don’t know what is.

I’m spending my Saturday studying to preach @tphdallas tomorrow, but you better believe I’ll be taking some time to rest, reflect, and thank God for the strength I received this week.

Tag a friend who deserves a 🏅 for all the things they’re getting done. I’m tagging myself because @sarahjakesroberts is giving it all she has.”

Watch Clip below:

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